La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo

Sunday, June 25, 2017

I've written about La Prairie Skincare in the past and mentioned how much of a treat it was to use.
I started using the range back in September last year and still have quite a lot of products left despite using regularly.
I was a little unsure of using and featuring the products at first due to the price but I'm really impressed with the the quality and how long they have lasted. My skin has been great since using them too.

The science behind La Prairie always really interests me, Their top secret, exclusive Cellular Complex - which is included in the majority of  La Prairie's products - is created in three separate labs to ensure it's formula remains under wraps.

I've recently been using their newest product, La Prairie Line Interception Power Duo which is essentially a posh day and night cream in one. The product comes housed in the classic, silver, almost clinical packaging typical of the brand. I really like this as 1. it looks fancy on my dressing table and 2. the less that is spent on packaging the more is usually spent on creating the product itself. I'm not saying they've scrimped on the packaging as for the price I'd be a bit annoyed if it looked cheap but its very functional. I'm especially fond of the little switch on the back to lock the mechanism so that you don't accidentally press the top and waste the products.

The Line Interception Power Duo's aim is to target wrinkles and helps to smooth them where they have already appeared. I don't have any wrinkles yet thankfully but I do suffer from very dehydrated skin. I find that both the day and night cream are very moisturising, my only annoyance with La Prairie products is that they are quite perfumed and tend to sting a little if I accidentally get some too close to my eyes. The Line Interception Power Duo promises reduction of wrinkles with just 14 days and nights use - a bold claim but I think they're right. Wrinkles aside, I've noticed a huge improvement in my overall skin tone since I've started using. I'm very impressed.

It has two distinct formulas, one cream for day and one for night, I've been using this for over a month now and although I can't see a huge difference in my skin (my skin usually looks the same) I can definitely feel the difference and my makeup goes on much smoother.

At £244, the Line Interception Power Duo, like a lot of La Prairie products is definitely an aspirational beauty product. I like to think of La Prairie products as sort of investment pieces as they not only look beautiful but they really do work wonders on the skin.
Before buying I'd wholeheartedly recommend visiting one of the concessions to have a consultation to ensure you get the right products for you, I usually visit the Glasgow House of Fraser store the consultants are brilliantly helpful.

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