La Prairie Skincare (or how my skin got its groove back)

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my skin. Some days it can look bloody fantastic but others I feel that its really dull and lacking any sort of radiance (with the odd spot thrown in for good measure).
I've used many a skincare brand and regime over the years but always seem to lose my groove after a month or so regardless of my intentions.
I've decided to try and take a bit of a stand against dull skin and have even set a reminder in my phone to set some extra time aside in the evenings to make sure my skin is squeaky clean and hydrated before bed. I've also laid out all my skincare products on my dressing table alongside cotton pads etc to ensure that I actually pick them up and use them rather than leaving them in the box.

Its lucky then that the particular skincare range and regime I've been using looks absolutely gorgeous on my dressing table. La Prairie is one of the oldest skincare brands, created in by a Swiss Doctor in the early 1970's who was looking to find the formula for eternal youth. La Prairie were the first skincare company to apply cellular research to the problem of ageing skin and created products based on this such as their cellular complex.

A few months ago I went for a facial with one of La Prairie's skincare experts in Glasgow's House of Fraser. We chatted about my skin concerns and she prescribed me with a whole range of skincare products to create my new regime.
After the first few uses my skin felt absolutely amazing. I wanted to start gushing about my new found love straight away but I decided rather than writing about it there and then I'd give it a good amount of time to see what kind of changes I noticed.
I've been using La Prairie products (almost solely) for about two months now and other than the rather hefty price tag for some of the products, I really can't fault them too much. These are definitely products you'd treat yourself to rather than buy on a whim. I'd 100% recommend having a consultation with a skincare expert at La Prairie prior to investing in any products as this will ensure you get exactly what your skin needs.

Some of the products I've used are;
Cellular Eye Makeup Remover (£40.00) - This is a dual phase prodcuct which means it contains water based and oil based ingredients. It's great for removing even the most stubborn mascara (Benefit, They're Real I'm looking at you). Removes all my eye makeup in just a few quick sweeps, doesn't leave my eyes red or irritated.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Transforming Cream in Rose (£134.00) - This has an SPF 30 and is a bit like a BB cream with really good covereage. I've worn this in place of foundation a lot recently. It comes in four shades and Rose has a lot of pink undertones so gives a lovely, dewy glow. My only issue with this is that it nips a little if you get it close to the eyes. It comes with a lovely little brush to buff in the product.

Cellular Refining Lotion (£70.00) - I've been using this as a toner after I've cleansed. It is very cooling although I suspect that may be due to the fact it has a glass bottle and Scotland is freezing at the moment. I've noticed a definite change in the size of the pores on my nose which is great.

Cellular Cleansing Water (£65.00) - I'm not a fan of harsh cleansers as I feel they can strip my skin of its natural oils and leave it even more dehydrated than it is. I much prefer using a cleansing water and this is really refreshing.

Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Eye Cream (£164.00) - This eye cream helps to draw water into this skin and make the eye area appear more plumped up. I've actually found this particular product a little too rich for my eye area, I much prefer using the cream from the eye and lip combo below. I think this is more suited to those who are looking to combat existing signs of aging but I'm not quite there yet around my eyes.

Cellular Hydralift Firming Mask (£116.00) - I apply this before bed every second night and my skin feels super soft the next morning. I've been raving about this mask to anyone who will listen. Sometimes leave-on masks can make my skin feel a little congested if I leave them on for a period of time but this is perfect!

Cellular Hydrating Serum (£150.00) - The triple acting formula helps to eliminate moisture loss via the skin. I apply this in the morning before moisturising to help get as much hydration into my skin as possible.

Cellular Energizing Body Spray (£94.00 ) I first had a sniff of this during my facial. It smells like a beautiful. relaxing spa and I can't get enough. Its a little citrus-y and contains a light moisturising veil.

Anti-Aging Eye & Lip  Perfection a Porter (£106.00) - My absolute favorite product from the range, I've never realised how handy it would be to have a mirror, eye and lip cream in the one place. I carry this everywhere and will be absolutely gutted when it runs out. If I had to pick only one product from La Prairie this would definitely be it!

You can buy products or find out more about the brand by visiting the La Prairie website.

*This post contains a press sample

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