Dior Rouge Baume Lipstick

Monday, September 19, 2016

I've mentioned a few times in the past that I'm not a huge fan of wearing lipstick. I always seem to get it all over my face or teeth or it starts to fade or go patchy.
I do however love using tinted lip balms but these tend to be from the high street and don't look as good on my dressing table as some of my more expensive lipsticks and don't seem to last very long on the lips.

I've recently found out that Dior have a range of lipstick/balm hybrids and decided to get myself one to see if it will solve my lipstick dilemma. I chose the Dior Rouge Baume Lipstick (£26.00 via John Lewis) in the shade Spring which, although a little late in the year, is a beautiful peachy pink.

The Dior Rouge Baume's are a mixture of lipcare and makeup in one. Each of the shades give a healthy glow while providing a nourishing lip treatment containing a natural crystal oil giving the lips a protective film.
I love the way this feels on my lips and the natural wash of colour, I'm already planning picking up a few different shades. They are a bit more expensive than your average tinted lipcare product so definitely one to treat yourself to on a special occasion.

If a full on lipstick is more your thing then Dior also have a huge selection of shades in the new Dior Rouge collection. I'm particularly fond of the Dior Rouge Montaigne Matte which is a really unusual, matte grey shade and next on my list to buy.

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