Trying out Shake That Weight

Sunday, December 17, 2017

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been trying out some new meal replacement products recently. While I'm not looking to lose a lot of weight I had been feeling like my jeans were getting a little snug so when I was contacted by Shake That Weight to see if I wanted to try out some products for two weeks I thought why not.

I actually started using these about a month ago but had to stop for a few weeks as I tore the Medial Collateral ligament (MCL) in my knee and was taking a lot of painkillers so have had to go back to a solid diet for now but I thought I'd share what I thought about the products in the meantime. I'll definitely be using these after Christmas to get rid of the extra lbs Santa might bring. 

So, what is Shake That Weight? Well, essentially, its a low calorie, low sugar, meal replacement diet. You can either replace all your meals with the four of their products or do like I did and have 3 products and one healthy, homemade meal. 
They have probably the biggest range of meal replacement products I've ever seen and to be honest some of the tastiest. I ordered a selection of different products including shakes, soups, pasta, rice and bars as well as a blackcurrant water flavouring so I could have a varied choice. 

What I liked most was that my order came with a really detailed booklet with details and nutritional information for the programme you'll be doing along with meal ideas.
I also really liked that the majority of the products from Shake That Weight are vegetarian which is perfect for me.

A typical day on a Shake That Weight programme for me would start with a shake. The Gorgeous Gingerbread was a personal favorite. It tasted exactly as it sounds, thick and creamy (even when made with water rather than milk). For lunch I'd have one of their meal packs. I thought the Blazing Beef Chilli was very tasty although I did add a little bit extra hot sauce as I like my food quite spicy.
The Lemon Yoghurt bars kept me going, mid-afternoon. They were very sweet and dense, a bit like a lemon nougat or mars bar type texture. Then at night I'd have a normal meal such as veggie chilli or a baked potato.
I struggle with eating in the morning so the shakes were brilliant for me. I'm usually on the go so to know that I'm getting all my nutrition quickly is something I really liked. I'll definitely be ordering more of these for breakfast as they are really handy. The only product I wasn't keen on was the carbonara pasta as it tasted a bit strange, I'm not normally a fan of carbonara in general though so don't let me stop you trying.

I'll share with you how I get on in the new year when I start a full programme, I can't say exactly how much weight you'd lose with these products at the moment but I can definitely vouch for the taste, simplicity and quality of information that comes with Shake That Weight.

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