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Monday, November 06, 2017

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I’ve recently moved house, although I’m renting again and can’t do too much to the decor I can still add little touches to make the place my own.

The house itself isn’t too bad as mostly has neutrals throughout which is great as I like plain rooms that I can jazz up with accessories.
When I first looked at the house online there wasn’t a photograph of the main bedroom which I thought was a little odd, however when viewing for the first time the letting agent said we could decorate it before we seen it. I wasn’t quite ready for what was behind the door to be honest, it was quite a sight. I think the room previously was occupied by a teenage girl (or Prince perhaps) as the wallpaper is shiny, purple leopard print. Not quite my taste unfortunately so we've painted this light grey to match the rest of the house and have just our bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe here .

One area I am happy with is my living room, it’s quite large and we’ve managed to split this into two areas, one for chilling in front of the TV and another as a dining/fun area.
We have our two sofas around our fireplace facing the tv, then behind we have a KALLAX unit from IKEA which holds my small record player and this fantastic Edison-style dome lamp from Dandelion interiors, it's one of my favorite pieces. They don't have this exact one in stock at the moment but they do have a huge collection of table lamps. The KALLAX units are great for storage and hold a 12-inch record perfectly. We’ve used another of these as a tv stand.

We’ve decorated this area with a disco ball and also my amazing gold, bargain, drinks trolley I got for £10 from a charity shop. I’m so pleased with finding these cactus drinking glasses from Matalan in the summer, I saw them on my friend Ruth's blog (BeautyH2T) and fell in love. They were a great price and look amazing on the trolley along with my marble and copper alphabet coaster from Oliver Bonas.

Of course I also keep my drinks here too; you can always find some Jamesons Irish Whiskey here as it’s a favourite here. I also have some Hortus Citrus Gin and  Ben Bracken Whisky from Lidl. Lidl is fantastic for alcoholic drinks and the prices are great too, I actually do the majority of my shopping there. I’ve also always got some Fentiman’s mixers here too; I love the Pink Grapefruit Tonic water and Rose Lemonade.

I still need to kit it out with a few bits and pieces; I’d love to get an old fashioned pub painting of dogs playing poker or pool to finish it off, maybe Santa will get my note.

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