Essentials for Hydrated Skin

Thursday, September 21, 2017

As far as skincare issues go, I've been fairly lucky not to have many, however one major concern for me is dehydration which is surprising given the amount of water I drink. My skin often looks dull and makeup doesn't seem to sit properly on my face unless I use mountains of moisturiser, I've started to use a few new products and tricks recently to try and combat this and so far all have been working really well.

If you suffer from dull or dehydrated skin like me one of the first things I'd advise is to invest in a Facial Cleansing brush such as the Panasonic 3in1 Micro Foaming Cleansing brush or a Clarisonic. These usually come with various brush attachments to use depending on your skin type and work by gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin which in turn allows any products applied afterwards to sink in a lot better. I use my cleansing brush every day in the shower. You need to use these with a cleanser. At the moment I've been using a foaming cleanser from Nip + Fab.

If you aren't familiar with the brand, Nip + Fab they are a results driven, innovative beauty brand which focus on affordable, accessible and effective products. They have several ranges to treat specific problems, I've been using some of their Glycolic Fix range named after its stand out ingredient, glycolic acid. This is well known for exfoliating purposes and helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a fresh layer of skin. Nip and Fab's Glycolic Fix Cleanser also contains olive oil to help hydrate so its perfect to use with my face brush. I usually add a tiny drop to the top of my brush and cleanse my face for 2-3 minutes.

Face brushing, especially the first few times you do, can leave your skin feeling a little tight so I like to apply my serums and moisturisers straight away. Again I've been using the Glycolic Fix range recently. I apply the Radiance Shot and let it sink in a little before adding the serum and finally the Post-Glycolic Fix moisturiser during the day. In the evenings I like to use the Overnight Purifying gel. I find this the most effective product as my skin has been really soft and smooth when I wake up in the mornings rather than dull looking.

I've been using this skincare regime for about a month now and can already see and feel the benefits. My skin is a lot softer and makeup glides on much easier now. I'm really impressed with the Nip + Fab range and how hydrated my skin feels now.

Do you have any problems with dehydrated skin or tips on how to hydrate, let me know below!

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