Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Skin Saviors

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Since just before Christmas, I've been a little under the weather. The first thing that happens when I'm ill is that my skin breaks out and gets really dry. On the whole, I have great skin but as soon as my immune system gets a little run down the first place it shows is on my face.

I'm currently sporting a wonderful little breakout which will hopefully go away soon. I've got some fantastic products from Tea Tree and Witch Hazel, which I know will clear things up in no time.
I've used Tea Tree and Witch Hazel products from Boots since I was a teenager, the brand have been around since 2003. Luckily I didn't suffer from acne but did get the odd spot in the most obvious of places such as the centre of my nose, chin or forehead. It's the same now I'm an adult if I'm honest which isn't great.

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel is an absolute lifesaver in situations such as this. The combination of Tea Tree, known for cleansing and anti-bacterial properties and Witch Hazel which soothes and calms help to keep spots at bay and skin looking clear.

Boots have around 20 different Tea Tree and Witch Hazel products including face masks, washes, spot wands and wipes as well as three different ranges the original tea tree and witch hazel, charcoal and berry.

The Charcoal range contains activated charcoal which attracts dirt like a magnet and draws out any impurities in the skin. Charcoal has been used in skincare for hundreds of years and is known for its detoxifying properties.

I've been using a mixture of the Original and the Charcoal Range too keep my skin looking good. Some of my favorite products are;

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Foaming Face Wash (£3.50) - This is the number 1 face wash sold in Boots at the moment. It deeply cleanses and refreshes and helps keep skin clear and healthy. I love using this with my clarisonic face brush as it really foams up and makes my skin feel squeaky clean.

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand (£3.40) - This product has been an absolute savior to me at the moment. The double ended wand has a day and night treatment. I've applied this to angry, red spots or even spots that are about to appear and they have completely vanished within a few hours. If you buy any of these products make sure its this one!

Charcoal Facial Scrub (£4.69) - This scrub has the perfect amount of scrubbieness (might have made that up) it leaves my skin feeling refreshed and exfoliated but not scratched or raw like some scrubs can do. Its gentle enough to use almost daily.

Charcoal Face Mask (£3.89)  - My skin feels lovely and soft after using this face mask, simply pop it on and leave for about 15 minutes and then rinse off, I use this after the facial scrub and my skin has never felt cleaner.

Charcoal Pore Strips (£5.99) - I'm one of these people who are obsessed with looking at the pores on my nose - they are massive. I've always been a little shy of pore strips as ones I've used previously have been a little painful to remove. These come in two steps, the first is left on for about 15 minutes to help draw out impurities and remove blocked pores or blackheads. I definitely could see a lot of gunk on mine after removal which surprisingly wasn't painful in the slightest. Step 2 is a sort of moisturising, repairing mask that helps soothe the skin afterwards and close the pores. I am really impressed with these and would 100% buy them again.

If, like me your skin has suffered a bit over the festive period and you are looking to give your skin a bit of a fresh start this new year I can't recommend the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel products from Boots enough. The brand is all about helping you to have and maintain clear, healthy looking skin all while being incredibly affordable.

Visit the Boots Website for more information or pop in to your nearest Boots store to see the range yourself.

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