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Friday, July 10, 2015

Admittedly, I am absolutely terrible with doing any sort of styling with my hair. Luckily my maker must have realised this and gave me thick, poker straight hair which requires little to no effort to look semi decent. (I often don't brush it because I am a bit lazy, shh, don't tell everyone my styling secrets though)
I also regularly forget to get it trimmed and sometimes can go months without getting a haircut. I noticed recently that my split ends were getting split ends of their own which was a little ridiculous so decided to book a much needed appointment to get it sorted out.

The lovely ladies at BloDry Glasgow did a great job at sorting out my unruly mop and transformed it from a lank, knotted mess into something sleek and shiny. I had noticed the split ends had made my hair really tuggy and difficult to manage but it feels like a dream now and much easier to style, (by style I mean occasionally throw two kirby grips in the front, very technical)

The salon itself is located in Glasgow's Queen St so really handy for popping in for a lunchtime restyle. They have a fantastic blowdry menu which starts from £20 and includes 8 cool styles which can be done in 30 minutes. If you are like me and can barely master a ponytail then its perfect for a night out or event you'd like to look that extra bit glam. Blodry also have a makeup artist in the salon and have some great packages.
To book contact the salon on 0141 387 9376 or visit the BloDry website for more information.

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