MAC Pigments 101

Monday, January 19, 2015

Pigments are basically a very concentrated powder which can be used as eyeshadow, highlighter, to mix with nail polish, make into lipsticks etc. You can use them wet for a more intense colour or dry for something a bit more muted.

I've had quite a few MAC pigments over the years and fell out of love with them a while ago, probably just because I didn't use them as often but I've been using them a lot more recently in my everyday makeup.
The pigments themselves are very versatile and come in a few different sizes. The older pots were a huge 7.5 grams and lasted for ages (hence I've still got some) but MAC reduced the size to 4.5 grams (£17.00) a few years ago. MAC also recently released 2.5g Sized To Go pigments (£10.00)

There are several different types of MAC pigments, these include, Matte, Frost, Metal, Pearl and Glitter. They have around 50 shades in the main line but often release limited edition pigments.

Some of my favorite pigments are;

Teal (Frost) - Medium Blue/Green, my first and favourite pigment..
Vanilla (Frost) - Soft, Ivory White. A must have!
Melon (Frost) -  Soft, bright. golden peach. Pretty cheek highlight.
Grape (Pearl) - deep purple shine with pearl particles,
Blue Brown (Frost) - Brown with Blue/Green Pearl - good for grungy eye looks.
Cornflower (Frost) - Bright Cornflower Blue.
Mauvement (Frost) - Bronzey Taupe with Mauve undertone and champagne sheen.
Dark Soul (Frost) - Charcoal, Glittery Black. You need to use a primer with this, its not hugely pigmented and has a lot of fallout. Despite this I adore it, especially over gel liner.
Cheers My Dear (LE, Frost) - Pinky Lilac with a silver sheen.
Softwash Grey (Frost) - Cool  toned blue/purple/grey with metallic sheen.
Silver Fog (Pro, Pearl) - Bright Silver Metallic, only available at MAC Pro Stores.
Reflects Very Pink (Glitter) - Hot Pink with a hint of Blue. As this is more of a glitter its best to use this with some kind of adhesive, I like Urban Decay's Bondage. Its also pretty added to the lips.
Reflects Pearl (Glitter) - Pearly Glitter shade.  As with Very Pink, an adhesive is required, this is good for layering.

As you can see I'm a fan of the Frost finishes, I didn't realise that til I wrote them all out. There are loads of fakes on ebay so make sure you buy your MAC Pigments online or in MAC stores.

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