Benefit Roller Lash Mascara

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oh Benefit, how do you come up with such fun and innovative products? In all honesty I'd love to see what goes on in their product design room. In my head I picture a sort of bright pink, Willy Wonka style cosmetics factory with all sorts of exciting things happening.

Benefit's newest offering comes in the form of Roller Lash. This product was designed (and re-designed a whopping 4 times to make sure it was perfect) with retro Velcro style rollers in mind. The packaging is typical quirky Benefit. Its sleek, black and has the sweetest roller style rubberized lid.

I'm sure everyone is aware of Benefit's previous mascara's, Bad gal Lash, which gives amazing volume and The UK's No.1 Bestselling, They're Real which makes lashes seem longer than humanly possible.
Roller Lash fills the gap for creating the perfect curl and gives the lashes a lot of lift. I think that those who weren't entirely sold on They're Real will absolutely love this.

L- With 1 Coat of Roller Lash - R- Naked Lashes

So, "Whats special about it?" I hear you say, well Roller Lash has an exciting new style "Hook 'n' Roll" brush which grabs, separates, lifts and curls, while the instant curve-setting formula holds for up to 12 hours. No need to use separate lash curlers first.  It also contains Provitamin B5 and Serin which both have lash conditioning benefits.
I really like the brush, its a little different in size and shape to They're Real and the bristles are softer. The curved shape means you can get really close to the roots which makes your lashes look longer and is thin enough to make sure bottom lashes are easilly coated. Its super black too which is great but is also much easier to remove than They're Real.

Pink Roller Lash Brush vs Black They're Real Brush

Roller Lash will be lauched in March and costs £19.50. You can get your hands on a mini version of this in the March Edition of ELLE magazine. These are likely to sell out almost instantly but you can pre-order a copy on the ELLE Website.

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