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Monday, January 12, 2015

I'm a bit of a gadget fiend, I love having all sorts of devices for different purposes and I find that having a few different ones are great for helping to make my blogging life, (and general life) a little easier.

First up is my trusty old laptop, I have a Dell Inspiron N5050, its definitely on its last legs and has been battered about a fair amount but I love it.  I got it around 4 years ago for about £400 so it has lasted the test of time fairly well. (I say fairly as I'm almost 100% this will be its last year of service to me, sniff). The Inspiron suits me well I've had a few Dell machines over the years and I'm familiar with their set up.
When chosing a laptop or computer for yourself there are a few important bits to think about. Firstly is the type of machine you are buying. Do you want a desktop/laptop/notebook?  Are you a Windows lover like me or do you prefer Mac or Chrome OS.

Spec wise, there are 3 main things you should look into, CPU (how well it performs), RAM (how much you can have going on at once) and Hard Drive (how much you can store). If you mainly use your laptop for blogging, photo editing, watching movies and YouTube I'd recommend  at least an  Intel Core series CPU (i3, i5 or i7). The cheapest laptops have around 4GB of RAM so anything upwards of this is perfect for multitasking. Ideally you want as much space as possible to store files, my laptop has a 500GB Hard Drive which is more than enough for movies, music and photos. Most machines now have around double this (Terabyte) which is excellent but you can always get a cheap external drive if you need more space.
You also might want to think about size, mine is a 15.6inch which is great for movies but a bit clunky for travelling.

When I'm out and about or off on a trip somewhere I prefer to take my tablet, mine is a rather obscure brand but I love it nonetheless. I have a Prestigio PMP5080B Multipad and was around £175 a few years ago but you can get tablets for much cheaper now. Its really portable and great for watching movies, reading books and blogging on the go (although the blogger app is a bit crap). My only issues are that I have the 8inch version and its a total pain to get a case to fit it, also without headphones the sound isn't great but I have a little X-mini speaker which is perfect to use with it.It doesn't have a huge amount of internal storage but you can add an extra micro SD card.

For day to day Tweeting and Instagramming I use my Sony Xperia Z1 Compact phone. I'm on a plan with EE so I have loads of data which is great as I use it a lot. The camera is 20mpx and always takes really good, clear photos, I sometimes use it when I'm out and about if I haven't got my main camera with me.
For the majority of the photo's you will find on my site I use my Nikon Coolpix P520. This is quite an entry level bridge camera, which means it doens't have a separate lens, basically a fancy point and shoot type. This suits me well as most of my photos use the macro (close up) setting. You can also record HD videos and has a movable viewfinder so its perfect for YouTubing.

When my gadgets are out of juice I turn to either one of my two portable chargers, the little rectangle one is a Powerbank which is from Primark, I got it in a blogger secret santa a few years ago its good if you are away for a day or a weekend at a push and also has a handy torch.
The larger charger is my Easy Acc Powerbank which was around £25 (this is similar via Amazon) this is a must have if you are a gadget lover like me, it is seriously impressive. It has two USB outputs so can charge two devices at once and lasts for ages, I've taken this to Glastonbury and still had over half charge after everyday use. This is a must have for me as it can charge my phone, camera and tablet (and my clarisonic).

Do you have any favorite blogging gadgets? I'd love to hear incase I'm missing out on anything.

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