National Eye Health Week: My Eyecare Essentials

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Last week was National Eye Health week, as a glasses wearer (and human with less than 20-20
vision) I am very aware of the  importance of maintaining good eye health and regular check ups.
I was challenged by Boots Opticians to take a photograph of something over the course of a few days to see what changes occurred and to help highlight the importance of monitoring changes in eye health.
It was also my birthday this week and I got some beautiful flowers. I absolutely adore the white cabbage roses in this bouquet and it was really interesting to see how much they opened up over the course of a few days.
Its also worth noting that I am rubbish at taking care of flowers and over the course of a week managed to kill off the unopened lily. I may have remembered to photograph them each day but unfortunately I forgot to keep the water topped up and it evaporated... oops.

I also went along for an eye check this week to see how my eyes are getting on. I am short sighted and also have issues focusing so I wear glasses everyday. I've never really gotten on with contact lenses.  I've never been to a Boots Opticians before but the experience was very pleasant and they had loads of equipment to look at the back of the eye and to test for conditions such as glaucoma. They also take a cool photo using digital retina photography which lets you have a good look at the back of your eye. Basically it looks a bit like a red, veiny, ping pong ball, lovely. My prescription hasn't changed much since last time which is good.

I use a lot of different products and tools to help keep my peepers in top condition, some of my favourites are;
Glasses - Vintage, I had these reglazed via iWearGlasses, fox chain is from eBay.
Case - Cath Kidston lookalike from Home Bargains
Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream - Boots (£6.99)
Sparkling Eye Drops - Boots  (£2.53)
Feel Good Formulas Green Tea Eye Cooler Gel - Arran Aromatics (£3.50)
No. 7 Beautiful Skin Dark Circle Corrector - Boots (£13.50)
No. 7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow in Matte Calico - Boots (£7.00)
Seventeen Falsifeye HD Mascara - Boots (£ 6.99)
High Brow Glow - Benefit  (£15.50)
Brow Zings - Benefit (£24.50)

To book an eye health check or for more information speak visit

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