Lustre Pure Light- Blue Light Treatment

Thursday, August 07, 2014

I love a good beauty gadget, especially those designed to aid the condition of the skin/face. I’ve recently been trying out the Lustre Pure Light and over the next 12 weeks I’ll be giving updates of my progress.

Luckilly, I’ve always been blessed with pretty OK skin. I’ve never suffered from any major acne issues, even as a teenager. (I credit this to never removing makeup before bed and not drinking enough water however in all seriousness it was more than likely pure luck). I do however suffer from a lot of blocked pores, especially around the nose and chin areas. I’ve tried countless products to no avail and often refer to these as a bit of a time-bomb as every few months I end up with a bit of a breakout. I often end up with awful under the skin spots which are painful and take a long time to heal. While this may not be the worst type of acne, it certainly isn’t pleasant.

The Lustre Pure Light is an acne busting tool which helps reduce bacteria levels within the skin. Blue light therapy is commonly used in professional acne facials and is a gentle and effective way to kill off bacteria which causes angry cysts, bumps and spots.
The system itself is comprised of a small handheld unit which controls the device, three heads with the lights themselves and a box of adhesive strips to stick the heads to your face. It is very simple to use, basically you charge it up via socket or USB (handy for travelling) stick the pads to the lights, attach to the areas of the face you want to target, switch on and let the blue light work its magic.

You need to leave the pads on for an hour a day to get the best results, I did find it a little odd at first but after a few days it became part of my tv watching/blog writing routine. To find out more about the science behind blue light therapy visit the Lustre Pure Light website.

The Lustre Pure Light is designed to work alongside your normal skincare regime. I've been using the device for a little over a week now as well as using my Clarisonic Aria with Clinique Gentle Foaming Cleanser in the evenings and applying  La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo Plus twice a day. Its still a little early to see any dramatic results as the treatment cycle is around 12 weeks. I'll be updating you with my progress during this time and I've added some photos from starting the treatment (above) until now (below) (excuse my horrible cosmetic free face, I look a little scary). The big question is, Does it work? I've noticed that the redness has improved a lot and no new blemishes have appeared which is promising. I'll keep you posted.

The Lustre Pure Light is exclusive to Boots and is priced at £225

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