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Thursday, July 31, 2014

I wear either glasses or contact lenses every day; In all honesty I much prefer glasses as I find that contacts often irritate my eyes. I also quite enjoy changing up my look and experimenting with different pairs. Altogether I think I own at least 12 pairs of glasses in all sorts of shapes and colours.
My newest pair are from Firmoo and are the F02 model in blue. My partner says these are “geek glasses” but he also says that most of my glasses are weird and that they are better than the “Dame Edna” styles I usually wear?!? As you can probably tell he is not a spectacle wearer. 

I really like the shape and feel of these, so much so that they have now become my staple “work” glasses and I have been wearing them most days. The glasses themselves are fairly sturdy and are made of thick plastic with metal legs. They are very comfortable and a big plus is that they sit far enough away from the face to wear false lashes underneath, hooray! The glasses come housed In a hard case with a little cloth and a repair kit which is great for emergency repairs. Delivery time was around one week .

Firmoo has a huge range of glasses all at very reasonable prices. They also have a great First Pair Free offer where you can chose from a range of frames and only pay for the lenses and shipping. If, like me, you like to change up your look with glasses, it’s easy to do so without spending a fortune. You can also upload your photo to the website to virtually “try on” as many frames as you like. Visit the Firmoo website for more information or to check out their frames.

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