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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

One thing I'm not a fan of at Christmas is the weather. I'm sure I'd be much more suited to a nice, warm climate rather than Scotland's chilly offerings.

If you follow my twitter you may have noticed that I recently had a rather unfortunate mishap. In my quest to stay nice and toasty at home I threw on my lovely fluffy Christmas socks without noticing the tiled floor was still wet from my shower and slipped.

I managed to break my foot so for the rest of the festive season I'll be sporting a lovely (incredibly uncomfortable) set of crutches and one shoe. To say I'm a little annoyed at not being able to wear heels or attend any Christmas parties is an understatement.

To be honest I'm actually looking forward to having a nice relaxing Christmas now. I can't wait to snuggle up on the sofa under my blanket and watch Elf a lot.
I'm really happy this year as we now have some amazing new windows. Last Christmas we still had old single glazed windows in our flat, which weren't quite sealed right and let in all of the elements. It really wasn't good we had at least two portable fan heaters on as well as the central heating 24/7.

This year, I've made sure my home is as cosy as possible by buying loads of draught excluders for  each of the doors and some thick readymade eyelet curtains to keep in the warmth.

I'm also really surprised how much having a real Christmas tree seems to keep the room warmer too.
Its a bit of a tradition for the Mr to get me some new cosy pjs for Christmas eve. I've got my eye on these Espirit Checked Pajamas (£30.00) and the Calvin Klein fluffy robe (£67.00) both from ASOS I can picture myself snuggling up on Christmas eve with a Baileys hot chocolate. (hot chocolate with a shot of baileys mmm...)

I've also found an amazing recipe for Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate which I am definitely going to try out during the holidays, it sounds delicious.

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