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Monday, April 02, 2018

Earlier this year Benefit held a "top secret" launch. There was a huge amount of hype for the mystery product. I personally really enjoyed the campaign as I like a bit of fun an mystery so wasn't surprised when it turned out to be a new mascara.

Some people were left a little disappointed by this but seriously, what did they think it could be? It's hardly surprising that Benefit, given they currently sell the no.1 (They're Real) and no.2 (Rollerlash) bestselling mascara in the UK, wouldn't want to capitalise on this and create another. 

Benefit really are the Mascara Queens, They're Real and Rollerlash are two fantastic products and give two very different effects. I prefer Rollerlash as I have very straight lashes so it helps give them a bit of a curl, even without eyelash curlers. 
I was a little skeptical I admit when I first heard about BADgal BANG, I was a massive fan of the original BADgal mascara which had a massive thick, natural bristled brush and gave loads of volume. 
BADgal BANG is a little like the original but with a lot more oomph. 

The mascara formula contains aero-particles, which Benefit say was created for use in space technology (which explains the space theme for the launch). The wand is really long (maybe even a tiny bit too long for me) and flexible rubber/plastic which means you can reach every single little lash. The packaging also features a newly designed "wiper" which means less product is wasted. 
The formula itself contains provitamin B5 which helps strengthen lashes, once applied it feels surprisingly light (down to the aero-particles I assume), its also one of the blackest mascaras I've ever used which is a big plus for me.

If I'm honest, at first I found the formula a little too wet, it was flicking all over the place the first few times I applied it which was quite annoying. So annoying in fact that I had all but designated it to the back of the drawer until I gave it another go two weeks later and fell in love.

I think having opened it and left it for a while gave the mascara to dry up a tiny bit. I used it again and found it to be almost perfect for me. I like a really thick, false looking lash and this really does give that effect. It isn't a true waterproof mascara but I can confirm it does stand up well following a shower test and takes a good, eye makeup remover to get it off. It doesn't run, smudge or flake during the day either which is great.

Some have found it to clump slightly but a tip for this would be to apply slowly and wiggle the brush from root to tip, you also only need to dip the wand in once for each eye any more would cause the product to build up too much. Another tip from me is to use lash curlers before applying. I have very straight lashes and it makes a huge difference when I do.

Apologies for the weird face and sloppy application in the photo, I took this when I first tried it out. This is with just two coats but at the time I wasn't impressed with how wet the formula was. It's much better now and I'm wearing this as my everyday mascara now. 
My favourite combo at the moment is BADgal BANG mascara and Firm it Up Eye Serum, both help brighten up my tired peepers.

If you favor the natural look, stick with They're Real, if you like separated curls, Rollerlash is your bestie but if you like volume and drama give BADgal BANG a go, I promise you won't be disappointed. 

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