Why Benefit Brows are the best!

Monday, October 10, 2016

I've had a love/hate relationship with my eyebrows since I was a teenager. I've dyed them, shaved them off, over-plucked them, let them grow far too bushy and drawn them in all sorts of colours (even glittery). Over the past few years however I've been getting my brows tinted and waxed at Benefit and I've continually been really pleased with the outcome.

Benefit Brow Bars have absolutely exploded all over the country in the past few years so you're never too far away from one. I try to book in at least once a month for a tidy up and what used to be a nightmare job trying to sort my brows out at home now is much easier.
I have really light, thick hairs on my eyebrows so I get them tinted before my wax. I like that Benefit talk you through the different shades they offer so you can get something exactly right. I always end up going a little bit darker than I normally would as truth be told, the tint does fade quite quickly.
Before waxing, the Benefit waxer will do a full "brow mapping" service with you where they will look at your brows and chat about the shape and texture you'd like. Your first few visits will likely result in a "project brow" this means that your waxer will tidy up your brows but also tell you which bits to try and grow back in or trim yourself  at home.

A slight confession is that I'm an absolute wuss when it comes to getting my brows waxed, in all honesty its not very painful but clearly from my "brow wax face", you can see I'm hating it. I promise it's not too bad though and I love the way my brows look now.

Benefit also have a fantastic range of products to wow your brows, what I find really impressive is that they physically have a product for every single brow problem, colour, shape or size.
I used to religiously use Medium Brow Zings but I've now switched to using Ka-Brow in shade 2 which I absolutely love. It's a little pot of creamy product that comes with a teeny angled brush. I also use Precisely my Brow or Goof Proof Pencil for days when I'm looking for a more natural brow or to fill in any little gaps. Browvo Conditioning Primer has been added into my skincare regime and I use this every single morning. I find it makes my hairs much easier to work with and they don't stick up all over the place.

I usually go to the Benefit Boutique in Glasgow's House of Fraser to get my brows sorted out. To celebrate "The Year of the Brow" Benefit are holding a Brows, Bubbles & Beats party on Friday 27th October from 12-9pm. If you'd like to attend you can pre-book a make-upper on Eventbrite or just pop along to enjoy the fun. There will be plenty of fizz, a DJ and competitions on the day so what are you waiting for!

The Benefit Boutique can be found at, House Of Fraser, 45 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 3HR

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