Rainbow Rooms George Square: Fusion Colour

Monday, June 20, 2016

I recently went along to The Rainbow Rooms in Glasgow's George Square to try out their new Fushion colour technique.

Rainbow Rooms International are a chain of hairdressers with twelve salons across Glasgow, Ayr and Stirling. I've been to the Rainbow Rooms a few times in the past and I always enjoy the atmosphere of the salons.
The salons pride themselves on constantly perfecting their techniques in cutting, colouring and styling. One of their newest colour treatments is the Fusion colour technique where a range of complimentary shades are applied to the hair rather than one block colour.

I usually dye my own hair using Lush Caca Rouge Henna every 6 months and was well overdue a colour as the last time I used this was before Christmas. I have naturally auburn hair so was keen to keep similar tones. My hair was looking a little duller than usual when I entered the salon so was really looking forward to a bit of a refresh.

Fusion colour involves blending different shades together in different areas rather than one shade all over. My stylist Paddy used four different shades of auburn and copper to create an interesting look. He applied the colour in sections starting with quite a dark shade at the roots then alternating the two lightest shades in the middle sections before adding a warmer copper at the ends.During the colour application Paddy used his fingers to blend and drag each colour into the next to create the gradiant. It was quite interesting to watch and you can see the technique in the video clip below from Paddy's Instagram account (@PaintedbyPaddy).

A video posted by @paintedbypaddy on

The result was a multi-tonal copper which had a lot of shine and a lighter strip around the middle sections of my hair. When my hair was curled the colours really blended together and looked good when I swished it around.

You can find out more about The Rainbow Rooms International or book an appointment online at the salon website.

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