Girls Who Wear Glasses: My Eye Makeup Style & Tips

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

In my opinion, glasses are very cool (If anyone tells you they aren't then send them my way)! I've worn them since I was a teenager and I've never been bothered by them, in fact I've wholeheartedly embraced them and now have countless pairs in a whole array of colours. I like to mix and match them depending on my outfit or mood.
I've dabbled in the odd set of contact lenses but I'm not really a fan for everyday wear. Occasionally I'll pick up a fashion set to change the colour for fun (you can buy contact lenses online in retailers such as Feel Good Contacts) but I much prefer wearing my good old specs.

I am short-sighted which means I can see close up quite well but anything far away is blurry. I also have slight astigmatism which gives me trouble focusing for too long. If your vision is similar to mine, its likely that your glasses will make your eyes look smaller so you can usually get away with wearing a little bit more eye makeup. I think its amazing the way different makeup looks can change they way your glasses look on your face completely. Using little tricks like lining your waterline with a white or creamy coloured pencil makes will make your eyes appear larger. If you are long-sighted then your eyes are likely to appear larger due to your glasses so using a dark or black eyeliner will make your eyes appear smaller.

There are no set rules to what makeup you wear with your glasses, I like to rebel a bit and wear as much black eyeliner as I can get my hands on so to make sure my eyes don't disappear I like to accentuate my lower lashline instead.
I like to use the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette to add a little bit of definition around my socket line for the basis of most of my eye makeups. I was off to work so wanted to keep my makeup quite neutral to go with my  Tortoiseshell Glasses from Firmoo so I ran the dusky, plum shade, Trox from MAC Mellow Moderns palette, along my lower lashline and blended for a smoky look.

It was really sunny the following day so I decided to break out the Urban Decay Electric Palette. I think this is a must have for glasses-wearers as the eyeshadows are all incredibly bright and pigmented and great for adding a pop of colour.  I love my amazing Pink Ray Bans from Pretavoir and the shade Gonzo (bright blue) really stands out on my bottom lashline when I wear them. I also use the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liner in Distortion on top as I love any excuse to wear glitter and its one of my all time favorite beauty products.

Mascara is a tricky one for glasses wearers as inevitably it ends up smudging all over the lenses somehow. I've found that some mascaras do this straight away but I've recently been using the Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara and its working very well for me. It has quite a thin wand so although it makes the lashes appear longer, they aren't so long that they brush my specs. The Smashbox Photo Finish Lash Primer also helps the mascara stay on longer without flaking.

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