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Monday, October 12, 2015

My teeth have always been the part of my face I like the most. I try and take as best care of them as possible as the though of root canals and other dental work gives me the fear.
Thankfully I've been blessed with naturally straight, fairly white, teeth that didn't require any realignment when I was a teenager (I don't know how I would have coped with braces) however a few years ago I had a lot of problems with my wisdom teeth and had them all removed in hospital.

Although I'm much better now and glad I removed them I did suffer some staining and discolouration due to the medicated mouthwash I had to use (damn you Corsadyl!). I've looked into many different teeth whitening options and tried laser teeth whitening, Crest White Strips and at home bleaching kits from the dentist with varying degrees of success.
Recently I've been using Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening kit. Smile Brilliant are an American Brand and provide lab fitted, custom trays and teeth whitening products for home use.

The kits I've been using comes with Desensitizing Gel, Whitening Gel and some paste to make up your custom trays. I found the process really straightforward. To make the trays I mixed the blue paste with the white paste and pushed it into the mould before biting down to create the impressions. These were then left overnight to dry and posted back to SmileBrilliant. It took less than 2 weeks for my custom trays to be sent back. I think this is fantastic service considering the distance.

Before using the whitening gel its recommended that you apply the desensitizing gel first. The first time I used the kit I experienced some sensitivity on one of my molars which wasn't great however after a trip to my dentist it turns out I had chipped a corner of the tooth which was causing the problem. After this was repaired I carried on using the whitening kit and haven't had any issues with sensitivity since. The whitening gel itself contains 22% peroxide so is bleaching rather than abrasive, it works by lightening any stains on the teeth rather than buffing them off which can cause enamel damage.

I've been using Smile Brilliant for around one month and can already see some subtle results. I'll provide before/after photographs again after I've used the kit longer but I'm really happy with the results so far. It's a little pricey at around $119 (around £75) but the whitening can last for years so its a good investment if you are looking to brighten up your smile a little. It won't give you teeth like Simon Cowell but they will certainly be a good few shades brighten than they are now. Smile Brilliant also ship worldwide.

For more information about Smile Brilliant or the Teeth Whitening Trays I've been using visit the Smile Brilliant website, use code "glasgowbeautyblog" for 5% discount

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