Crest 3D White Strips 2h Express - Review

Saturday, December 08, 2012


I have a bit of an obsession with keeping my teeth healthy and looking good and I like to try different products to see what gives the best results, especially for whitening.

I had surgery a while ago to remove my wisdom teeth and had to use some horrible mouthwash which left my teeth slightly stained, it wasn't hugely noticeable but they weren't as white as I was used to which annoyed me.

Since then I've been trying different whitening products to try and get back to a sparkling white shade.
The most recent product I've tried is Crest's 3D white strips 2 hour express.

These are plastic strips which have a mild peroxide solution which you stick to your teeth. Crest make these in various strengths depending on how quickly you would like results and sensitivity.

I wanted results quickly so I used the 2 hour express. The white strips are really simple to use, they come in packs of 4 which is more than enough for the 2 hour ones as they are designed to be used only a few times a year to avoid damage to your teeth.

The individual packs contain a strip for your upper and lower teeth. To apply, wipe the teeth slightly, peel each strip and stick it to your teeth. The strips have little grooves to allow them to fit to your teeth better, I found they stuck quite well however they could have done with being a little longer as they didn't quite cover all my teeth. Once you have applied, I like to dig my nails into the spaces inbetween my teeth a little to make sure my entire tooth is whitened.

I had been quite worried about having to leave them on for 2 hours as I was unsure if they would stick properly and if I'd be able to drink with them in but I was very surprised at how well they attached to my teeth. It did feel a little strange at first but after a while I stopped noticing and if you use a straw then drinking water is fine.

They contain peroxide in a safe amount, it can make your gums feel a little strange so I would advise trying to apply them as close to the teeth as possible.

After two hours I removed the strips, they came off fairly easily I just peeled them off and gave my teeth a quick rub over with a clean, damp toothbrush. (without toothpaste)

I'll admit, I was slightly dissapointed, (I think I was unrealisticly hoping for Simon Cowell style pearly whites)  but I did notice a difference in the shade, not huge but definately a difference, especially in my bottom teeth.


I had been worried about sensitivity as I have quite sensitive teeth already and have heard they can be quite painful for a while. Although I did experience some sensitivity it was more uncomfortable than painful, it didn't come straight away, I used the strips at night before going to bed and noticed the sensitivity the day after. It was at its worst when I was drinking cold water but nothing a paracetamol couldn't cure. All sensitivity went away after 24 hours and my teeth feel perfectly fine now.


I'd definately use the 3D white strips again as although I wasn't blown away they did do a good job. I think the 2 hour strips are perfect for using before a big night out as you can pop them in while you are doing your hair/makeup and have sparkling teeth in no time.

Crest 3D white strips aren't available in UK stores at the moment but you can find them on Amazon.
The 2 hour Express strips retail at around £40 for a 4 use pack.

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