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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I've been feeling a little sluggish recently and decided to try out a new Teatox. I normally drink tea by the bucketload, normally some form of herbal or green tea so it wasn't too much of an issue incorporating a new one into my routine.
Other than Puritea from Holland and Barrett, I haven't tried any other detox style teas so I was really looking forward to trying this Teatox from Slimming Solutions (£19.99).

The Teatox has been designed to last for two weeks and includes and daytime and evening blend. The daytime blend has to be drunk each day as close to waking as possible. It is a light herbal flavour and tasted quite pleasant. The evening blend has to be drunk every second day. It is similar in taste but a little stronger, you can add honey or lemon to both blends if you wish but I didn't find I needed to.

One of the main ingredients of the evening blend is Senna which is a natural laxative. The packet says that the teatox may produce a mild laxative effect however I didn't experience any dodgy side effects (TMI I know, but someone has gotta say it) I'd also like to mention that as well as senna, the teas contain other herbal ingredients such as fennel and liquorice root which can interact with certain medications or contraceptives. (If you are on any medication I'd advise speaking to your GP before starting a Teatox of any kind.)

While I was on the Teatox I also made sure I stuck to a sensible eating and exercise plan as recommended. I used the MyFitnessPal app (add me Lori1809) to track my food intake and as well as hitting the gym I went along to a Personal Training Session with AGFitness Training in Glasgow City Centre. I learned some great ways to improve my lifting and squat techniques and was really impressed. I'd highly recommend Andy if you are in the Glasgow area. You can find out more on the AGFitness website or by following @AGFitTraining on Twitter.

I've also been trying to stay as healthy as possible in work. I'm in an office most of the day and its often easy to forget to get up and walk around or get out of the chair for a while. I also remember to pack lots of healthy snacks and I drink loads of water as I sit right next to the cooler. SimplyHealth have put together some tips about keeping healthy in the workplace which is a good place to start. My work also have things like running clubs but I can't say I'm a fan.

I didn't set out to lose weight with the teatox but inevitably as a combination of this, working out and eating right, I lost around 4lbs over the 14 days.(sensible and safe weightloss should be around 1-2lbs per week) I noticed that my skin was clearer and my stomach felt a lot flatter which was great as my jeans don't feel as snug now.

Speak to your GP before undertaking any new detox, diet or fitness plan.

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