Illamasqua Posture Lipstick

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Lipstick isn't something I wear on a daily basis. I'm more of a lipbalm/nude gloss kinda gal. This is purely because when I wear lipstick I tend to somehow manage to smudge it all over my face within five minutes.
Oddly, although I'm not a frequent lipstick wearer, when I do partake in a bit of lippy I tend to go for a more unusual shade. I love a good blue, green or gold lip rather than the usual pink or red.

One of my absolute favourite lipsticks is Posture from Illamasqua (£19.50) who describe it as a cool mauve. Posture is from Illamasqua's 2013 Paranormal collection and is a matte finish which is fairly opaque. I find it can be a little drying so I normally apply a thin layer of lipbalm underneath.
I always seem too get compliments when I wear Posture, its such an unusual shade but not too "out there" or in your face. Its quite similar to Chinchilla by Limecrime but a little darker and cooler toned.
Posture isn't for everyone though. I'd say its more suited to those with paler skintones as it might look little odd on darker skin but hey, if unusual, lilac lips are your thing I'd definitely recommend giving it a bash whatever your shade. I think it gives a bit of a 90's vibe.

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