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Monday, December 08, 2014

Eek, I can't believe its December already, where has the year gone?
I love this time of the year as the chilly weather mean I have an excuse to have loads of lovely cozy baths. I tend to go a bit overboard with the products and my bathroom smells like a sweetie factory.

Lush always have the best bath products and launch amazing Christmas gift sets. I picked up the Festive Funtimes and Secret Santa boxes.

Festive Funtimes (£24.50) is one of Lush's bigger Christmas sets. It contains six of their most popular Christmas products.
Snowman and Whoosh Shower Jelly: These are basicly shower gels in a very wibbly form. Whoosh reminds me of lime jelly babies. You can use it straight out the tub or freeze for a more solid product. Snowman is shaped like, well, a Snowman. He is blackberry scented and contains carrot oil.
Fun: Who doesn't like making stuff out of play dough? Fun is almost exactly like it but you can also wash with it, (hooray!) Green, Red and Gold are included in this set as well as a special Christmas Snowman kit which smells faintly of carrots. Its very cute, I have loads of fun playing with Fun!

The Secret Santa (£9.95) contains two products, Father Christmas bath Bomb and Honey I Washed the Kids soap. I was a little confused as I had the Father Christmas bath bomb last year and was expecting a tangerine scent. This year he has been scented with Snow Fairy which is pretty amazing to be honest. The entire bathroom smelled sweet for hours after I used this guy!  Honey I washed the kids smells almost exactly like Creme Brulee. I had to stop myself from taking a bite!

You can buy Lush products in-store or on the Lush Website. Christmas sets are available for a limited time.

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