What I'm Burning - Shearer Candles Heliotrope Diffuser

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Ok, so I'm not quite burning anything this week, so the title should really be "What I'm scenting my house with this week". I'm not normally one for floral type scents but I can't get enough of the Heliotrope Scented Diffuser (£45.00) from Shearer Candles.

The diffuser is part of the V&A collection which a unique collection of diffusers and candles inspired by designer Charles Annesley Voysey (1857 - 1941). The range is based on a wallpaper design from around 1900. As with all Shearer products the diffuser is hand made in Scotland.

The gold etched glass bottle with black tassel is simply beautiful and reminds me of an old perfume bottle. The diffuser oil is a rich, golden tone and the black diffuser reeds makes this look even more glamorous sat upon my dressing table.

The name Heliotrope comes from the greek helios which means the sun and tropein which is to turn and is also the name given to flowering plants which turn to face the sunlight. The scent is very floral and reminds me of visits to the botanic gardens on a sunny day it also has some muskier undertones making it quite sensual.
I've tended to avoid diffusers in the past as I've been wary of their ability to scent my home but I can smell this instantly as soon as I walk in the front door.

You can buy Shearer Candles online or by visiting the Factory Shop which is located opposite Govan Subway in Glasgow

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