What I'm Burning - Rhubarb Crumble

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

If you ever are to pop by my house for a visit you will immediately notice that there will be at least one scented candle burning at any given time.
I like to have different scents for different rooms of the house, something bright for the living room, relaxing for the bedroom, a spa type scent for the bathroom and something sweet for the kitchen.
I realise this is slightly excessive for a medium sized flat and my partner often has a go at me for giving him a headache with the scent combinations so I've been trying to stick to one scent at a time now.

This week I've been burning an amazing Rhubarb Crumble scented candle I picked up in Homebase. Truth be told I had to restrain myself a little as these massive candles come in at a bargain price of £4 and I nearly left the shop with an armful of them.

The candles come housed in large jars that sort of remind me of an old sweet shop style. Its also a handy size for storing makeup brushes once the wax has run out. The candle itself has is 20oz with a burning time of around 120 hours. The scent is fairly fruity and fills the house quickly. The Rhubarb comes across instantly and is sharp and sweet but there is also a slightly biscuity note, yum!

You can pick up the Rhubarb Crumble candle instore or online at Homebase

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