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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I can't be happier that festival season is well and truly upon us (although I'd prefer if the weather would pick up a little). Sadly no Glastonbury for me this year but I will be attending Wickerman Festival and a few others later in the Summer.

The only bad thing about festival season is that it can really play havoc with your skin. The booze, mud, sun and lack of showers often mean that your skin can feel a little neglected and I like to make sure I try to help it out as much as possible.
I take a fair few (unnecessary as my partner would say) beauty products when camping out. Mr doesn't quite understand why I can't just use wipes like others. Truth be told, I do use wipes. They are a festival must-have, however I mostly use them to get the top layer of makeup (and muck) off and then go in after with a cleansing product. It adds approximately three minutes to your cleansing time which really isn't much when you think on it.

The Weekend Kit from Pure Lochside (£16.50) is a great addition to skincare for camping or a weekend away (you'll have to sneak it in to festivals though as the bottles are glass)
The kit comes housed in a handy wipe clean bag and contains three 3ml, cleansing essentials and an organic muslin cloth.
The Organic Orange Cleansing oil is a dab hand at removing every last scrap of mascara, even waterproof, it is best applied to a damp face and buffed off gently with the muslin cloth.
The Orange and Echinacea Toner gives the skin a lovely refreshed feeling and contains vitamin C.
My favourite of the three is the Soothe Daily Face Oil. If you have suffered a bit too much sun or skin feels a bit dry the morning after the night before, then this is the product for you. The oil really does soothe the skin and helps lock in much needed moisture. It is ideal for sensitive skin types.

You can find Pure Lochside products at www.purelochside.com 

*This post contains a PR Sample

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