How do you remove yours?

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Body hair can be a big issue for some women, I'm no different.
The whole process of removal  frustrates me, having to worry about daily shaving, monthly waxing, regrowth phases etc, what a pain!

I've recently been looking into laser hair removal, especially for my underarms as I hate the feeling of anything other than silky smooth under there.
Not so long ago, I was rushing to head out to a party and realised halfway through the night that I had forgotten to de-fuzz and spent the rest of the evening with my arms firmly by my sides.

Laser hair removal is considered one of the safest ways to remove hair and also one of the most effective as it permanently damages the hair follicle preventing hair growth in future.
The treatment itself is fairly straightforward, a laser is pressed against the surface of the skin targeting a specific follicle while a cooling device is used to protect the rest of the skin. Several treatments are normally needed for complete removal of the hair but it lasts at least a year if not
permanently which sounds good to me.

The treatments themselves can either be carried out at a clinic such as Onyx or at home using a device such as the Phillips Lumea Precision Plus (£350 from Boots) I've heard the Lumea works quite well but I'm yet to try it for myself.
Hopefully Santa will bring me one for Christmas.

Have you tried Laser Hair Removal? Which methods do you use?

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