Pure Potions Rescue Salves

Saturday, August 03, 2013

I’ve been to quite a few festivals this summer and for some reason I always seem to pick up a few injuries along the way.

Before I started festival season this year I was sent some little lifesavers in the form of Pure Potions set of Rescue Salves.

Pure Potions is a small company, which sells natural health and beauty products, founded by Natalie Belmond. Natalie formulated the first of her products when her daughter Lula was suffering from chronic dry skin problems and none of the conventional treatments had been effective. The company uses high quality ingredients, which are as close to their natural state as possible and does not use any perfumes or fragrances.

The Rescue Salves set comes in a cute little drawstring bag and contains four little tins of balm each with different natural ingredients to serve various useful purposes and are suitable for babies, children and adults.
The set includes;

Arnica Rescue Salve: contains which is suitable for sprains, strains and bruises (for external use only)
Calendula and Comfrey Rescue Salve: contains and is good for use on cuts and grazes.
Lavender Rescue Salve contains and can be used for minor burns, sunburn, chapped skin or a lipsalve.
Tea Tree Rescue Salve contains and is suitable for use on coldsores, bites, stings and fungal conditions.

The salves can be safely applied directly to any area of the body, including face, hands and scalp however the Arnica Rescue Salve is only suitable for external use. Pure Potions recommend customers patch test before use as some people may be allergic to herbs, oils or beeswax.

I've found myself picking these up constantly over the past few weeks to help combat, sunburn, chapped lips, a burnt hand and countless bruises. Definitely have been little lifesavers for me.

Pure Potions Rescue Salves retail at £16.99 for four and can be purchased via the Pure Portions website.

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