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Thursday, July 25, 2013

When I was a little younger, there wasn’t a chance that I’d pass up on a Girls Night Out. I loved nothing more than dolling myself up and hitting the town.

Nowadays though things are a little different and I much prefer staying in for a few drinks with friends. The price of taxis, club entry and drinks now are enough to make my purse strings tighten at just the thought of a night out these days. I think I manage about one a month now.

A survey was recently carried out by Ladbrokes Bingo of 2000 women aged 18-40 from all over the UK and the Glasgow results seem to be very similar to my own thoughts. The majority of those taking part from Glasgow, agree that Nights Out just aren't what they used to be.

I think the worst thing about nights out is trying to get a taxi home at the end of it, I’ve often had to leave really early to avoid the taxi queue outside central station which normally runs round the corner and halfway up the street. 51.43% of other Glasgow women who took part also find this to be something that annoys them most about a night out. Other annoyances for Glasgow females include; Being leered at by men (28.57% hate this) and toilets running out of toilet roll (57.14% agree this is annoying)


A night in can be just as enjoyable as a night on the town, you can still get dressed up and have just as good a time at home or a friend’s house than in a club. I’ve had plenty of great nights in with my friends; normally we all bring a bottle of something and make cocktails. (21.4% also like to design their own drinks and 30% of those in Glasgow prefer cocktails over other drinks) I love a good  Margarita, (see my Margarita recipe post here).

Maybe its due to my age now but I much prefer a cosy night in with the girls. Like most others in  Glasgow my nights in include picking up a takeaway, chatting about men, drinking wine and watching movies in our pjs. Although every now and again I'm partial to the odd visit to a cocktail bar for a few drinks so occasionally a night in does turn  into a night down the pub.

Do you prefer a night out or is a night in more up your street?

*Post written in association with Ladbrokes Bingo

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