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Thursday, January 17, 2013

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If there is one thing I would like to have, beauty-wise, it would definitely be lovely long, perfectly manicured nails.

Unfortunately I seem to have been blessed with the type of nails that bend and break and never seem to grow beyond a few millimeters above my fingertips.
I envy those with beautifully painted talons and long for them myself. To make up for it I like to always make sure my nails are at least maintained well and have a pretty coat of polish.
I do however hate the look of chipped polish and often get fed up having to paint them every day so I recently had a Shellac polish by Emily at Emily J Nails and Beauty.

Emily is a mobile beautician and nail tech who also has a home treatment room in Paisley, where she offers a wide range of treatments including gel polishes, waxing, tanning and lashes.

Emily's treatment room is very nice and relaxing, I was talked through the treatment first and shown a selection of polishes to choose from. I normally like fairly dark shades so I opted for a dark blue/black base with green glitter gradient as I am quite partial to a bit of sparkle.

CND Shellac is a gel based nail polish which is painted onto the nails, much like any other polish, then cured under a UV or LED light to leave a hard-wearing finish. They can be removed by being soaked in an acetone based nail polish remover but its best left to the professionals to remove them.

My nails were cleaned and soaked before being dried off and cuticles treated with an oil and gently pushed back.
Afterwards a clear base layer was added and cured under UV light before the colour and glitter layers were added and cured after each.

I was really pleased with the results, typically Shellac lasts 2-3 weeks I've had mine for just over a week but unfortunately I'll have to remove them at the weekend as I'm having surgery next week... boo... but I'll definitely be visiting Emily for some more in the near future. I love how strong my nails feel with the Shellac coating.

You can visit Emily's facebook page and website for futher details of treatments and offers. Emily is also running a £20 tan and gel nails offer until the end of January which is fab also, if you mention that you have seen this review she may just give you a cheeky little discount on your first treatment.

To find out more or to book an appointment contact 07545856238 or

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