Elemis Skin Emergency Remedies

Sunday, January 06, 2013

I've been a little bit MIA recently as this winter has definitely been taking its toll on me, I've been stuck inside most of Christmas and New Year with laryngitis which hasn't been fun.

I've really needed a good old pamper and this Elemis Skin Emergency Remedies has been helping to make me feel better.
This Elemis set is from QVC which is a home shopping network which is mostly web and television based.
They have a huge selection of beauty products from cleansers to cosmetics and brands such as Liz Earle and L'Occitaine which are all at very competitive prices.

The Elemis Skin Emergency Remedies contains 5 products to help soothe and protect damaged skin all contained within a lovely little blue travel bag, which is perfect for weekends away.
The set contains Daily Redness Relief (15ml) Daily Shine Control (15ml), S.O.S Emergency Cream (15ml), Sensitive Cleansing Wash (50ml) and a Herbal Lavender Repair Mask (20ml)

My own skin has been quite dull and dry this winter so I've been rotating these products daily to try and make it look and feel a little better.

I've been using the Sensitive Cleansing Wash daily, I often find that face washes are a little harsh for my skin and can leave it feeling quite dry but this wash has been a great cleanser, it removes every trace of leftover makeup including mascara. It contains camomile which is known for its soothing properties so should be kind to even the most sensitive of skins.

My skin has been a bit combination this winter, my forehead has been a little shiny, especially towards the end of the day, and I've found that my cheeks and around my nose has been getting quite dry and red. I've been using a mix of the Daily Redness Relief and Daily Shine Control on each of these areas to even out my skin tone and condition and have been quite pleased with the results so far.
The Daily Redness Relief is a thick cream with a light rose scent, my skin seems to soak it up.

Daily Shine control is a light serum which has leaves the skin feeling slightly matte and helps to prevent any oiliness.

The S.O.S Emergency Cream has been my savior recently, its lovely, thick and very moisturising, I've been using this as a night cream and applying loads of it before going to bed. By morning my skin feels super soft. The only thing I'm not keen on is the slight lavender scent as I'm not a fan of lavender but it does fade quite quickly.

Finally I've been using the Herbal Lavender Repair Mask once a week, its not the best mask I've used but it does the job and leaves my skin feeling soft. I normally apply this in a thick layer while I'm relaxing in the bath then remove with warm water. I'm not that keen on the scent, as the name suggests its very herbal and lavender scented, neither of which I'm keen on but if you enjoy either I'm sure you will love this mask.

The Elemis Skin Emergency Remedies* is available from QVC and retails at £25.77. Other Elemis products are also available from QVC.

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