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Thursday, November 01, 2012

I love wearing perfume, I have my one favorite or signature scent so to speak which is Coco Chanel, which is great for nights out or wearing towards the winter however during the summer months I like to wear something a bit more fresh and light for during the day.

Aqua di Parma isn't a perfume brand I'd normally go for however on a recent trip to Selfridges in the Trafford Centre I treated my partner to a new aftershave and he chose the Eau de Cologne, Colonia Intensa from Aqua di Parma and I was given a gift set which included the female version.
Both male and female scents are packaged in lovely bright yellow cylindrical boxes which I think really compliments the fragrance inside.

Aqua di Parma  was created in 1916 in a small perfume factory in the old town center of Parma, the aristocratic culture-packed city of Giuseppe Verdi and Stendhal, Italy.

"Colonia Intensa is an aromatic, sophisticated scent that combines a sensual base of leather, cedarwood and neroli with fresh citrus top notes of Calabrian bergamot, Sicilian lemon and ginger." It smells gorgeous, really fruity for a cologne but also deep and woody at the same time, I love when he wears it.

The Aqua di Parma Eau de Cologne retails at between £47-£98 depending on size from Selfridges, John Lewis and other department stores.

The gift set included a 5ml Aqua di Parma Eau de Parfum Magnolia Nobile and a 20g Sublime Body Cream of the same fragrance.

I'm not great at describing fragrances so I'll give you the official blurb;
"Magnolia Nobile is a rich, facetted floral bouquet developed around the magnolia flower which gives the fragrance a great signature. A unique harmony which captivates the lively notes of blooming Italian gardens enveloped by the profound accents of woods, vanilla and musk.
The luminous green-citrusy top notes evolves in a fabulous necklace of magnolia enhanced by refined rose, jasmine and tuberose. In the dry down soft vanilla and sandalwood contrast harmoniously with the woody aspect of vetiver and patchouli."

I adore this scent, I've been wearing it constantly and the great thing is I'm not even past half way finished of the 5ml bottle, a little goes a long way with this Aqua di Parma fragrance since it is an Eau de Parfum I've also been layering it with the body cream to help the scent last longer and I get compliments on this all day long.

The Sublime body cream leaves my skin soft and smooth and is non greasy which is great.

I'll definately be buying the full size version once this little one runs out, this is definately my new summer scent.

Aqua di Parma Magnolia Nobile Eau de Parfum Spray retails at between £64-£98 depending on size from Selfridges, John Lewis and other department stores.

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