Top tips for applying false lashes - even if you wear glasses

Thursday, November 04, 2021

AD: This post is in conjunction with Boots UK but all thoughts are my own.

I don't know about you but when it comes to make up, anything without false lashes just seems unfinished so finding yourself the perfect pair is a must! Thinking back to my Makeup Artist days I remember having a kit stocked full of Ardell lashes as they were always both affordable, and great quality lashes for clients.

Over the years I've used so many different types of lashes equally for my own personal use as well as clients and for a whole range of situations such as daily wear, long-wear, bridal or glam events. For any occasion, it's important to find the right lashes for you.

Luckily, Ardell have got you covered - or your lashes at least - with a huge range of lashes for any occasion. The brand is famous for their cult classic Wispies range of lashes as well as their Invisiband technology for seamless, comfortable wear. 

For everyday wear, the Ardell naked lashes are your besties! This is my favourite type of lash; they look very natural but help open up the eyes. Glasses wearer like me? No problem, the Ardell natural lashes are perfect for you. Their shorter length and slight taper to the inner corner mean they won't hit your lenses yet still offer that flared-out look.

Application of false lashes is also very important, you want to make sure they are fitted correctly for two reasons, firstly, comfort. If your lashes aren't comfortable to wear this won't be nice and can ruin your makeup if your eyes start to water. Secondly, they won't look good, a beautiful makeup look can be ruined completely by ill-fitting lashes as they can start to fall off or overhang the corners of the eyes. 

I've made some of these mistakes myself, so I've prepared some of my top tips for applying false lashes, so you don't have to.

Know your eye shape - Are your eyes rounded, or more almond shape? Hooded or wide? This all matters when picking the perfect false eyelashes. Lashes that are longer on the outside are great for smaller eyes and almond shapes can be balanced out by lashes that are longer in the centre. 

Cut your lashes to fit - Before applying glue to your lashes you should 'try them on', hold the lashes up to your eye as if you were applying them and check that the length is ok. They shouldn't go beyond your normal lash line on either your inner or outer corners. Always cut lashes from the inner corners rather than the outer to keep them neat. You can add the offcuts to your lower lash line for a more dramatic look. Drama not your thing? Lashes that are longer in the centre, can also be cut in half and used as half lashes for a softer look. 

Invest in a good glue - There is nothing worse than lashes coming unstuck or falling off part through wear. The best glue I've used is Duo Glue, which is handily provided with all Ardell lashes, it even comes in black which is great for smoky looks. When applying glue, you can do it directly from the tube or by using the end of a makeup brush - don't use a cotton bud as fibres can stick to the glue and irritate your eyes. Make sure you leave the glue on for at least 30 seconds or until it becomes translucent before applying. Essentials for lash application including glue are available at Boots.

Use tools and mascara - Before applying false lashes I always curl my real lashes to help them blend with my own. I also use a lash applicator to apply as I find the glue can stick on your finger then stick to the lashes during application which can ruin the look. Although you can wear lashes on their own, it’s a good idea to apply mascara too as it helps the lashes blend in with your own natural lashes. I prefer to apply a thin coat before adding the lashes then blending the lashes into my own with the excess still on the brush. 

Lash care - Did you know that lashes aren't made for single use? It's very easy to clean your lashes and you can get several uses out them if you take care of them. After careful removal, I find the best way to clean them is to soak two cotton pads in waterproof eye makeup remover and place the lashes individually between each and press for a minute or so. Gently slide the cotton pads away from the lashes and check all glue has come off. When they are clean you can place them back into the box or bend slightly round a pencil or makeup brush to help keep their shape. 

Do you have a favourite lash style or any top tips? I'd love to hear so please share in the comments or reach out on Instagram.

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