Florena Fermented Skincare

Friday, August 13, 2021

A few weeks ago I started using some new products by the brand Florena
Florena is a natural, fermented skincare brand who are cruelty free and have a big focus on sustainability.

You may have heard about the benefits of fermented products in food, but did you know that the fermentation process is a natural way of breaking down a substance into a simpler form which in turn makes it more powerful? This is why fermentation works so well in skincare products as the most important ingredients become more concentrated. 

This fermentation process is at the heart of Florena Fermented Skincare and has enabled the brand to create eco-friendly skincare products which rejuvenate and revivify the skin using natural oils and flowers. 

I've been trying out the hydrating range from Florena Fermented Skincare over the past few weeks and I've been very impressed with the results and quality of products. 

Products I've been using include:

Florena 24H Hydrating Face Mask (£4.99 for 8ml sachet)
Florena 24H Hydrating Day Cream (£19.99 for 50ml jar)
Florena Nourishing Night Cream (£19.99 for 50ml jar)

The Hydrating range is enriched with fermented Camellia Sinensis and fermented Olive Oil to help leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and supple, the range is suitable for all skin types. s

All of the Florena products I've used are COSMOS certified by the Soil association and are vegan, The majority of the product packaging is also recyclable. This is something I really like about skincare and makeup products. I was also really impressed with the Florena website and explanation of ingredients listed in products, the products all seem to contain the minimum to do their job and are listed in a way that shows exactly what each ingredient does. 

The big questions is, would I use these again? - absolutely, however I do feel that they are a little higher in price than I'd normally spend on a non-luxury skincare product. If you are looking for some great, mid-range skincare products and love helping support sustainability then Florena is definitely the brand for you. 

Florena products are available on the Florena website and have a range of products to suit all skincare concerns. 

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