Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Box August 2022 (Contains Spoilers)

Monday, August 08, 2022

This article contains spoilers of both the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Boxes for August 2022. Don't read further if you want the contents to remain a surprise

Cult British Beauty brand Charlotte Tilbury beauty, created by the celebrity makeup artist herself is a brand I love and use products from daily. Charlotte and I have similar skintones and hair colour so I know that the products she creates will look good on my skin. The range is also quite inclusive so there should be products to suit everyone. 

Every once in a while, the brand launch mystery boxes which contain a variety of beauty and skincare products that remain a mystery until opened.

I really enjoy using Charlotte Tilbury products and also like getting gifts, so I like to treat myself when the mystery boxes launch, its almost like getting a lovely little surprise present (to me, from me). I've had quite a few of the mystery boxes in the past few years and I'm yet to be disappointed. It's a great way to try out new products or products you normally wouldn't buy. 

This time around there were two mystery boxes, one featuring makeup and one with skincare. Unfortunately the boxes are now discontinued but maybe you'll be lucky enough to get one for a special occasion or find it under the tree this year. 
I find the boxes are all of similar quality and contents so I'm sharing these to help you make a choice about picking some up in future. 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup to Mesmerise Mystery Box August 2022

Inside the Charlotte Tilbury Makeup to Mesmerise Mystery Box (£95.00) contains 6 makeup products with individual retail value of around £190.00. They are:

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Fix Clear Brow Gel - worth £22. Not the most exciting product but its really good and a staple in makeup bags that I tend to forget about. Great for creating a temporary laminated brow look. 

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette Smokey Eyes Are Forever - worth around £60. This is probably one of the best products I've received in a mystery box. I have several of the individual quad Charlotte Tilbury palettes in the past but nothing as big as this palette. It is handily split into four different styles however you can mix and match the colours and shades as you wish. These are all buttery soft and have great colour payoff, a mix of mattes and shimmers are included. 

Charlotte Tilbury Cheek To Chic - Swish & Pop Blusher in Sex on Fire- worth £32. I know a lot of people have been a little disappointed with this product however having very pale skin, this works really well on me. I think this is a great everyday colour but would skip this product if you have a darker skin tone. There will be another of the Swish and Pop Blusher's for you rather than this shade. 

Charlotte Tilbury Tinted Love - Lip and Cheek Tint  in Bohemian Kiss - worth £25. This isn't a product I'd have picked up in the past however having had one in a previous mystery box in another shade I was really pleased to get this. I'm not a big fan of lipstick as find they smudge a lot on me so this stain is perfect. It looks great on cheeks too. A great multi-use product. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes To Mesmerise Long Lasting Eye Colour in Walk Of No Shame - worth £25. Walk of Shame is my favourite range from Charlotte Tilbury at the moment, I love the coppery red tones and think it looks lovely on eyes and cheeks. I have a few of the little cream eyeshadow pots and they are great products that last ages. They dry quickly without smudging too. 

Charlotte Tilbury Hyularanic Happikiss balm in Happiberry - worth £26. Again, I've had one of these products before in a mystery box. This one is a little dark for me personally but its a nice product. These would be great gift for a teenager, they have the comfort feel of a balm but the colour payoff of a lipstick. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Hydrate and Glow Mystery Box August 2022

Inside the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Hydrate and Glow Mystery Box (£113.00) contains 6 makeup and skincare products with an combined retail value of around £227.00. They are:

Charlotte Tilbury Brightening Youth Glow Primer - £40.00 . I have a couple of these already and use both the wonderglow and youth glow in my daily makeup. They are beautiful products that help create that lit-from-within glow. 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Light - £75.00 . I wanted so much to love the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, its so good but it really stings my eyes, its such a great product but doesn't do well for me. The Magic Cream Light on the other hand works much better for me and doesn't make my eyes water. I really like using this. It's a great size too. 

Charlotte Tilbury Collagen Lip Bath in Walk of No Shame - £26.00. I have a couple of the Collagen Lip Bath lipglosses and I really like using them. They have a minty, plumping effect and aren't sticky or too glossy. Really nice products and this is a great colour. 

Charlotte Tilbury Super Radiance Resurfacing Facial Exfoliator (+ mini Magic Serum Crystal Elixer) - £52.00 . I have been wanting to try this for ages I love Charlotte Tilbury Face Masks and use the Baby Skin Goddess Mask a lot. This one is an acid exfoliator that you can use once a week and leaves the skin glowing and soft. This comes with a mini version of the magic serum to try too which is a total bargain. 

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask - £18.00. I've been wanting to try this for a while now. I hadn't realised it was both reusable and also a dry mask rather than a wet mask. I'm going to save this to take with me on holiday in a few weeks to try out. 

Did you get your hands on any of the Charlotte Tilbury Mystery Boxes? Let me know what your favourite products are if you did. 

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