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Monday, August 15, 2016

If I were to pick one part of my face to apply makeup to for the rest of my life, it would 100% be my eyes. Many people feel the same and Eyeko love eye makeup so much, they don't make anything else. While this might seem a bit odd for a large makeup brand to only produce one type of product, it really works for Eyeko as they do eyes fantastically well.

I've been using some new Eyeko products recently, by using, I really mean wearing to death. Not a day has gone by in the past few weeks that I've not worn at least one of these guys!
When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, I like to stick to black. It's classic and goes with pretty much every eyeshadow combo possible. I've tried out a million mascara/liner combos in the hunt for something brilliant and Eyeko haven't disappointed especially with the liquid liner.

I have two mascaras, a brow gel, liquid liner, pencil liner and an eyeshadow crayon. Eyeko mascaras come in very handy squishy tubes, sort of like toothpaste which means its really easy to get every, single last drop out of the tube. They also come with a little guitar plectrum which can be used to shield your lids so you don't get mascara everywhere. I'm prone to flicking it all over the place so although I was skeptical at first they actually work quite well.

The Eyeko Sport Waterproof Mascara (£15.00) and Eyeko Sport Waterproof Eyeliner pencil (£15.00) are made to last all day, I've tested these out using very scientific methods (in the shower) and can confirm that they do what they say on the box. The liner does start to fade off towards the end of the day but the mascara stays put until removed with an oil based cleanser. What I like best about the mascara is that, unlike most waterproof mascaras which just colour the lashes a little, this one contains fibres so also gives great curl and lift.

The Eyeko Black Magic Mascara (£18.00) and Eyeko Black Magic Eyeliner (£15.00) are probably my favorites from the bunch. The mascara has a scoop shaped brush which lifts the lashes and the colour is very black. Although not my favorite mascara ever its definitely one I'd consider buying again. The eyeliner is another story, I'd re-purchase this until the end of time. It's fantastic! The nib is precise, easy to use and gives the sharpest, blackest line imaginable. Totally foolproof!

A brow gel is a staple in my makeup bag to keep my unruly brows in check. The Eyeko Brow Gel also has fibres included in the formula so its great for those with sparse or thin brows.
Finally Eyeko have six Me & My Shadow eyeshadow pencils (£18.00) in a range of shades. I have the shade Topaz which is a lovely,metallic, champagne colour. These last all day, are waterproof, smudgeproof and creaseproof. I like to smudge this all around for a glam,grunge look or use it as a base for a smokey eye.

You can find Eyeko products on their website and also in larger Marks and Spencer stores.

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