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Sunday, February 07, 2016

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The past week I've mostly been busy with work and checking out the newest beauty launches. Bobbi Brown Beauty Boosting Face Masks are absolutely fantastic. I love a clay mask but I have dry patches around my nose so I don't particularly like using it there. Bobbi's masks are designed to be used alone or together to "multi-mask" which is fab. I particularly like the Skin Nourish mask which can be left on overnight.
Celebrity makeup collaborations are everywhere at the moment. MAC's Ellie Goulding Collection is beautiful and I can't stop wearing the Halcyon Nights Eyeshadow Palette. They also have a gorgeous lipstick launching as a sort of sneek peek to the MAC Mariah Carey collection which is coming later in the year. All I Want is a really frosty, champagne shade which launches 8th Feb exclusively on the MAC Website. I've been using it as a cream highlighter for my cheekbones. 
I've been mask crazy this week and have also been using the Aveda Colour Conserve Daily Protecting treatment which is like a leave in conditioner or mask. My hair has never felt so soft. I'm so impressed. 

GlasgowBBlogger Instagram

I've also been trying to take things easy and relax a bit more this week. I'm still recovering from knee surgery so still a bit sore. Rather than spending my time on the computer or social media (which is so easy to do) I've tried to take time to read more and even do a proper jigsaw (I am not eighty I promise, although my partner might disagree). I've started re-reading my Harry Potter books again. I'm onto the fifth book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, I can't wait to finish as I'm a total Potterhead. 
I've been feeling a little rubbish this week and was really cheered up by a lovely little gift in the post from my friend Laura. She sent me some lovely little photographs and inspirational quotes which was super thoughtful.  
I also popped along to a Shake Up Your Style workshop with Victoria at her fantastic new hangout The Lifestyle Lab in Glasgow City Centre. The space is perfect for events and meetings and feels like hanging out in my living room (well, if my living room had nicer decor)

GlasgowBBlogger Instagram

Finally, a big part of my life now is the newest member of the family, Begbie. Begbie is an African Pygmy Hedgehog and I absolutely adore him. He's been with us since the beginning of the year and is settling in nicely, Although he is still a bit grumpy when he wakes up or has to take a bath. 
Hedgehogs make lovely pets but they also need a lot of looking after and have specific living, heating and feeding requirements. If you are thinking of getting one as a pet (or indeed any pet) make sure you do your homework and can guarantee you'll be able to look after them and have money set aside for vets bills. We've had several exotic pets so know what to expect in terms of their care. 
Also think about re-homing from your local animal shelter as there are plenty of pets looking for a loving new home. I've brought home several small animals from rescue centres in the past and wouldn't think twice to do it again.

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