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Monday, October 26, 2015


I love nothing more than writing about cosmetics. I'm passionate about products and using makeup as a way to make myself feel more confident and showcase my creativity. Every now and again, when asked about my online presence I'm met with a little disdain and I've had comments about how the cosmetics industry is superficial and that I shouldn't be promoting it. Yes, the cosmetic industry can be superficial at times but it can also be wonderful and give men and women that little boost to make themselves feel fabulous as well as being a platform to help promote important issues.

This week I'll be sharing products that aim to raise awareness of issues such as confidence, bullying, and charity to show that the beauty industry isn't just all about a pretty face. First up is MAC's MACnificent Me Collection.

MAC have always been creative with their campaigns and MACnificent me set out to celebrate individuality, uniqueness and that its OK to be yourself. MAC selected six lucky winners to become the faces of the collection and boy did they do a fantastic job. Visit the MACnificent Me website to read more about the winner's stories and the collection itself (I dare you not to feel empowered)

There are a whopping 42 products in the collection, featuring a mixture of bold and neutral shades which steer towards an autumnal feel. 
I got my hands on a few pieces from the collection and I haven't stopped wearing them. The eyeshadows compliment each other incredibly well.

L-R above:
My Inner Femme (£15.50) - intense, orangey, red lipstick (amplified)
Strutting Fabulous (£15.50)- bright lavender lipstick (mattene)
Own The Look (£15.50) - deep, intense, purple lipstick (mattene)
A Little Lusty (£18.50) - intense, red, berry powder blush (satin)
Everyone's Darling (£13.00) -  deep, red, burgundy eyeshadow (matte)
Cheer Me On (£13.00)- bright, intense orange eyeshadow (matte)

What I took from MACnificent me is that its ok if you want to let your inner beauty shine through naturally and equally ok if you want to go wild and paint on the bold shades (clearly I'm in the latter group). What matters is that you feel good (but if you don't today, that's ok too) and always remember to be true to yourself and celebrate your heart, style and soul!

Visit the MAC website to view the full MACnificent Me Collection.

*This post contains a PR sample

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