Girls Who Wear Glasses: See with Iolla

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Anyone who knows me will be aware that I like a good pair of statement glasses.
I like to switch about my look depending on how I’m feeling or what clothes/makeup I’m wearing.  As well as having to look good, affordability is one of the main points I look for when shopping for a new set of specs.

There are loads of online glasses retailers which are good to an extent (mostly in terms of price) but they feel very impersonal and lack the comfort and service of going into a real shop.

Anyone who wears glasses will know that it’s a very personal thing and a good pair can really boost confidence but the wrong set can make you look and feel just plain weird. I always liken buying glasses to buying shoes. You wouldn’t usually wear a pair out of the shop without trying them on first and making sure they fit and are comfortable, so why would you do that with your glasses?

Iolla are Glasgow’s hippest new optical retailer and offer you the same great value for money as buying online but with the personality and support you need in person.
They are based in Glasgow’s up and coming Finneston strip and have a wide range of frames in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit every face.
If you’re lucky enough to have 20:20 vision, Iolla can make you up some frames with clear lenses as well as having a full range of Sunwear glasses.

Iolla work with fresh, local designers and all the frames are made and assembled in Scotland. The frames are named after famous Scots. All frames are £65 which includes single coated prescription lenses which is an absolute steal for the quality. I went for the Carnegie frames in Red Crystal  (after famous Philanthopist, Andrew Carnegie) which are a great geometric version of cat eye glasses.

The showroom allows you to try on lots of different pairs and compare them and staff also ensure your perfect pair fit properly and you’re happy with them before you leave the shop – a service you won’t get online. I somehow managed to get a small scratch on of the lenses and Iolla replaced them fuss free straight away. The service is fantastic and I highly recommend a visit.

Iolla showroom is located at 1313 Argyll Street, Glasgow for more information visit the Iolla Website or call 0141 334 9044

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