A Big Night In with MoneySupermarket

Monday, July 08, 2013

I've not been out for a while so when MoneySupermarket offered to fund a night in it was exactly what I needed to cheer myself up a little. A very close family member recently passed away so I've not been feeling up to much recently.

MoneySupermarket recently set the "Big Night in Challenge" of having a night in for £50. A lot of people I know (occasionally including myself) can spend much more than that on a night out. £50 might seem a lot for one persons night in, but I did pick up a few bits and pieces which I can use again so I don't feel too guilty about it.

I picked up the essentials for a girly night in food, drinks, movies, reading material and some bits and pieces for a good old pamper.
It is really warm in Glasgow at the moment (and most of the country so I've heard) so I didn't fancy a full meal for myself so I picked up some of my favourite snacks from Asda, Cherries, Butterfly Cupcakes and and Olive/Sundried Tomato/Feta combo. Olives are my total weakness I could eat them all day. I also picked up a nice little margarita glass which I had my drinks in later. This all came to less than £10.

First up I thought I'd watch a few movies, I popped into a shop in the city centre which sells pre-owned dvds and picked up a few old favourites for about £2 each which was great. I watched Sweet Home Alabama and Girl Interrupted I've saved True Romance for my next night in.

No night in (for me anyway) would be complete without a little glass of something fizzy, I fancied Prosecco but in the spirit of sticking to a budget I went for Lambrini, the limited edition summer bottle caught my eye and although I haven't had Lambrini for about 10 years I was pleasantly surprised. I also bought some Asda Extra Special Red Grape non-alcoholic spritzer, I love grape juice and I could drink this all day. These came to under £5.

A little fun extra I picked up was these Rock Shots from Henleys (£12.99) Basically it is a glass bottle with a stopper and some sweet rock which you add to the bottle and fill with vodka (£10 from Asda). This then creates some fun, flavoured vodka shots. (This obviously wasn't meant to be drunk all in the one night)
It takes 2-4 hours to make and turns into a nice raspberry shot, by the time it finished dissolving I was pretty tired so only had a little sip but it tastes pretty good.

 After all the movie and refreshments I was a little tired so time for pampering. After Glastonbury my feet were in dire need of taking care of so I picked up some Soap and Glory Heel Genius (£5.50 from Boots) to rub over my feet and Primark cosy socks (£2 for 2 pairs) for putting on afterwards as a sort of foot treatment.

After that fun night I jumped straight into bed with a book, I've heard a lot about the Twilight series, its not normally something I'd be into but I found the books in a charity shop so I thought I'd give it a go. The 4 books cost me £2 each (I forgot to put the second book in the pic) I'm about halfway through the first so I'll let you know what I think of them when I'm finished. No spoilers please.

 I had a lovely Big Night In and managed to keep my budget just under the £50. You can save money easily by visiting pre-owned or charity shops for books and dvds. Supermarkets also usually have deals on food and drinks too.

Thanks MoneySupermarket! What would you do on a night in?

(Remember to always drink responsibly)

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