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Monday, December 17, 2012

Waxing is a beauty treatment I have often avoided, However as it’s an incredibly quick and efficient way of hair removal I thought I’d give it another go.

I was recently contacted by nkd ( ) waxing to visit their Glasgow branch and was treated to a wax of my choice.

However, as soon as I agreed to this I instantly regretted it, I’ve had a few terrible waxes in the past including a dodgy eyebrow wax that left me with scabs where my brows should have been and bikini wax from a scary woman who I think was trying to rip my whole bits n pieces off…
However, now, with hindsight, I needn’t have been so worried.
nkd waxing was first launched in Nottingham in 2009 and think of themselves as waxing specialists.
The Glasgow salon is and is nestled in a quiet corner of the fragrance department in House of Fraser on Buchanan street.

nkd offer a huge range of waxing treatments however their speciality is intimate waxing, they can shape, style, colour and bedazzle your lady parts however you so desire.
As intimate waxing is their forte, I decided to bite the bullet and opt for a Hollywood.

My waxer Ashley, who is also the concession manager was lovely and after a chat at the counter and filling out a consultation form she led me to the treatment room and asked me to remove my clothing from the waist down and I was provided with a towel to cover myself up with and a little wipe to freshen up... no paper pants though, to be honest I think they would have just got in the way.

Although I was nervous Ashley explained everything fully to me and had some funky tunes playing in the background which helped take my mind of the treatment.
First of all a cleansing oil was applied to my skin, this is also to act as a barrier to ensure the skin is not damaged
The wax used by nkd is Perron Rigot which is a French brand which caters for even the most sensitive of skins. I was quite surprised as the wax itself is removed simply by peeling off, no material strips in sight, Ashley explained that the wax sticks to the hair and not the skin so its much kinder to the skin.

I really wasn't looking forward to the treatment itself, however it really wasn't that bad... No wax is ever going to be totally pain free and although it was a little stingy, I can report that there was not a watering eye in sight. I did however feel a little bit giddy inbetween the wax strips being pulled off and felt like I was giving some weird nervous laughter but apart from that everything was fine and it was all over in no time and some cooling oil and soothing gels were applied.

Once I was dressed, I was given some aftercare advice which was not to use any perfumed lotions or creams in the area for 24 hours, and also not to take too hot a shower as the skin will still be quite tender.

Overall I found it to be a really good experience and I'll definitely be back, I've never had a leg wax before so I might even be brave and see how it is.

As well as waxing nkd also offer vajazzles and party lashes and also sell a range of aftercare products including those to minimise hair growth. You can view a full list of nkd ( ) waxing's Glasgow Treatments by visiting the nkd website. They have some fantastic offers at the moment including a complimentary Christmas vajazzle or lash perfect party lashes when you book in for a Full Body Extravaganza (£70.00) in the month of December.

nkd are also currently running a competition on the nkd facebook page where you can win 6 months of free waxing which is made up of one Full Body Extravaganza a month between January 1st-June 30th 2013 to celebrate their 3rd birthday. For more information please visit the nkd ( ) waxing facebook page.

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