Jo Baz Max Strength Hair Colour Remover - Review

Thursday, November 08, 2012

I'm a massive hair dye fanatic and my hair changes constantly so in order to keep up with these changes (which are normally very noticeable and the polar opposite of the previous colours) I need something to help with these drastic changes.

Jo-Baz hair colour remover works by shrinking artificial colour pigments so they are small enough to simply wash away from the hair folicles.

Sounds great... so does it work???
Well, yes, it sure does, surprisingly really well.
I'm going to mostly let the pictures do the talking here as I was so impressed by this product.
I've used a few colour removers before and the main thing I didn't like about them was the smell, horrible rotten old eggs, however I am very pleased to report that this does not smell as bad, not amazing but more lemoney than eggy which is great.
I started off with bright red hair (directions poppy red) and it lifted straight back to blonde where it had previously been bleached.

The product is in 3 parts, part A and B are mixed together in the applicator bottle to apply to coloured hair.
I combed this through my hair then tied a plastic bag over it to keep the heat in (cling film is reccomended though) This is left in the hair to develop for between 35 - 60 min however after about 25 I realised the colour had mostly gone so I moved on to step C after this time (I'd reccomend following the instructions fully though especially if it is your first time using a product like this)

Part C is basicly a strong shampoo which is applied to your hair after rinsing for at least 5 minutes, the rinsing is the most important step as this washes away the colour particles, without this the colour will just stick in weird places and leave your hair patchy.
Once part C is used like a shampoo and lathered up you must rinse again for at least another 12 minutes.

Once this rinsing has been done I like to use my normal shampoo and conditioner as I've used products like this before and sometimes they can leave your hair a little squeaky (Id reccomend Aussie conditioner)
Remember to dry your hair before making a decision on whether the colour removing product has worked as wet hair looks a lot darker than dry.
I didn't need to decide as it was obvious straight away that this had worked for me but results can differ depending to your hair type.

Visit Jo-Baz website to check out their other products and for stockists.

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