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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

With Christmas getting closer, what better time than to start looking for the perfect gifts for friends and family.
I know that if you are anything like myself, or my nearest and dearest then Demijohn Liquid Deli on Byers Road is the place to visit for gift ideas.

Demijohn was founded in 2004 and opened the first liquid deli store in Edinburgh before moving on to opening a Glasgow store in 2006.

They sell everything from liqueurs, spirits and wines to vinegers and oils which are displayed in glass demijohns in the shop.
You can choose which liquid you like, and sample beforehand if you wish (mine are normally the alcoholic variety) and then choose from an assortment of Italian ,corked, glass bottles to fill.
These bottles come in several different shapes and sizes from heart shaped, to square stacking bottles. The bottles come with a handwritten message of your choice as well as the name of the liquid inside.

Another great thing about the bottles is that they are refillable, so once you finish the bottle, you can bring it back (clean) and have it refilled with something else and just pay for the cost of your chosen liquid.
This is also great for the environment as it cuts down on waste products.

If you don't want your bottle refilled they also make for very nice flower vases.

I live in the west end of Glasgow very close to the Byers road deli so I'm always popping in to see what lovely liquid delights they have for me.

Favorites of mine include the Raspberry Vodka, Organic Cucumber Vodka and  Raspberry Vinegar not to mention their great selection of whisky. (at least I added one non-alcohol product there)

Demijohn products make for fantastic gifts, I bought this gorgeous heart shaped bottle of Raspberry Vodka for a friends wedding and it made for a lovely and unusual gift.

They have some great Christmas style sets too I've got my eye set on the Winter Liqueur Selection it looks perfect for warming myself up on chilly winter evenings.

For more information about Demijohn Liquid Deli visit the website, you can view the selection of products as well as finding great recipes.

Demijohn can be found ;
382 Byres Road, Glasgow. Tel: 0141 337 3600
32 Victoria Street, EdinburghEH1 2JW. Tel. 0131 225 3265

*Remember, please drink alcohol responsibly*

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