W7 Double Up Waterproof Mascara - Review

Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm always on the lookout for the perfect mascara and for some reason or another I never really try out waterproof products.

I've used several waterproof mascaras before but never found one that I enjoy working with, they are either too dry, don't give a decent amount of lift and curl or flake everywhere, which is not a good look.
However I have been using W7 Double Up Waterproof mascara over the past few days and I have been pleasantly surprised.

The formula for this waterproof mascara is actually really good, it is slightly drier than some non-waterproof mascaras but not overly so. It applies well and doesn't clump or flake which is great.
I also conducted a very scientific, splash water on face, experiment and I can confirm that although it does smudge a tiny bit it definately does not give that Alice Cooper look if it gets wet.
Often I also find waterproof mascaras a little tough to remove but I can safely say that this comes off easilly with makeup remover wipes.

Bare Lashes

W7 Double Up Mascara comes in a sleek black tube with metallic purple writing. It has two different lids a smaller and larger which in turn contain two different brush types.

You can apply this in three ways;

Using brush one alone to create really long but still quite natural looking lashes.

Brush One Only

Brush two alone for thick false looking lashes.

Both together for lovely long lashes with loads of volume and curl.

Brush Two Only

I like to two coats of brush one only for daytime looks and then use both brushes to add drama for nights out.

Using Both Brushes

I really like the two brush concept of this mascara, its very similar to MAC Haute and Naughty mascara which I'm a big fan of.
W7 Double Up Waterproof Mascara* retails at around £1.99 which is also an amazing price considering the £18.50 price tag of the MAC version.

You can buy W7 cosmetics in various online stores such as The Cosmetics House and Fragrance Direct as well as Bodycare, New Look and Peacocks.

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