Tutorial - How To .... Fix a Broken Bronzer/Blusher/Eyeshadow

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

 After taking photos of my beloved Illamasqua Glint & Writhe bronzing duo yesterday, the unthinkable happened… I dropped it on my kitchen floor and the product smashed into pieces.

Upset and angry was an understatement as I adore this product and use it daily so I was quite gutted to have ruined it.

However I have taken this opportunity to show you how I “rescue” smashed products in the hope that if anyone else has this awful situation happen to them they can remedy it as best they can.
Now first of all I must say this will not return your product to all its former glory but it will still be usable and almost the same as it was previously.

This tutorial works for powder products such as eye shadows, blushers, bronzers, etc (I wouldn’t recommend using it for powder foundation as the finish just never is the same plus the Surgical Spirit can dry out your skin a little).

You will need;
  • Broken powder product
  • The original pan if the product was fairly full (or a smaller pan depending on the product usage)
  • Surgical Spirit (household rubbing alcohol (isopropyl 91%))
  • An orange stick/cotton bud or other stirring stick
  • Kitchen Towel or a small piece of material.
  • Something hard and flat around the same size as your pan, coins work well for circular pans.
First you will need to crush up the remaining product, this is to ensure it is mixed well with the surgical spirit and so the product will spread evenly.

Next add the surgical spirit a tiny drop at a time and mix until you have a thick paste. You don’t want to make it too wet as this can dilute the color when it is dried.

Once you have mixed the product smooth out the top as much as possible. You can then place a piece of doubled over kitchen towel, or even a piece of material if you want to create a new pattern on top of your fixed product (jean denim works well for this).

You then want to place your hard, flat item, (I used an old magnet) and press firmly down on top of the material/kitchen towel. You can leave this in place for as long as you want I normally leave it for about ten minutes.

Next remove all coverings from your product and leave somewhere cool and dry so the product can dry out properly. As surgical spirit is alcohol based it should dry fairly quickly but I would advise leaving your product at least overnight before using – if it still feels slightly damp to touch then leave a little longer.

Et Voila, your product should now be (almost) as good as new. Remember this doesn’t work for all products so I take no responsibility if this method does not work on yours but I've done this several times and it has worked on all of my own broken products.

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