Sranrom Urban Wellness Review - Feel Good Massage Oil

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Sranrom` (pronounced sa-raan-rom), is a poetic Thai word, which describes the wonderful , and most desirable feelings of pleasure, serenity and contentment.

They create products from carefully selected Thai plants and herbs which have theraputic properties, to increase wellbeing

Here is a little background about the founders from the website;

"Sranrom was the brainchild of two young Thai career women. Each were raised in regular Thai homes, where traditional knowledge and herbal antidotes were integrated into all aspects of daily life from food and health to personal care. When the founders met, they realized they shared a vision, a passion and an ethos, and set up our company to produce high quality, natural products, all derived from the ancient Thai philosophies of well-being."

I love products which contain natural ingredients and I'm pleased to say that Sranrom products contain 100% plant active ingredients, 100% essential oils, are cruelty and child labour free and contain no parabens or other harmful chemicals.

I've recently been using some of the Urban Wellness, Feel Good range and would like to share with you my thoughts on the Massage Oil.

I often feel quite stressed out with work etc so its great to come home and relax and have a good old chill out.
I've been using this massage oil to rub on my pulse points to and also have been adding a few drops to my bath, although the Sranrom directions do state that you should "Have someone near and dear rub a small amount of oil between their palms then massage it into your skin."
It has a lovely peppery, citrus scent which is really refreshing and uplifting. I hate the normal lavender scents used for relaxation so this is perfect to help me unwind.

Its ingredients include thai peppermint and spearmint, which makes it tingle a little when applied to skin, as well as basil, black pepper and jojoba oils which I find gorgeous and exactly the type of scents I like.

The massage oil is also available in Calm Down and Get Lively range so there is something to suit every mood.
I love using this and can't wait to try some more of the products, its like having my own little spa at home.

You can buy Sranrom products from the website. This massage oil retails at £16.00* for 100 ml but is also available as a pulse point roller (£8.00 for 10ml) for on the go application which is really handy for popping in your handbag to lift your mood at any time of day.

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