My Amsterdam Trip

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I've just got back from a lovely week in Amsterdam so thought I would share some bits and bobs from my trip with you.

Amsterdam is a lovely city I've visited a few times in the past few years and find it to have a very similar vibe to Glasgow. (apart from the  crazy cyclists and silent trams which nearly killed me on a daily basis)

It is full of colourful homes, canals and bridges and is one of Europe's most picturesque capitals.
It has loads of interesting places to visit such as the Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Amsterdam Zoo, Leiden Square, The Red Light District not to mention the many markets including the famous Flower Market and much more.

I normally visit in October as this coinsides with Amsterdam Dance Event which is Europe's main dance music conference so plenty of music, djs and acts to see in the clubs.

We mostly used this trip to chill out and have a well deserved break from everyday life so we done a lot of eating out, hot chocolate drinking and visiting markets. I also have fallen in love with fresh mint tea with honey, its delicious and I'll definately be making it at home.

The hot dogs are also pretty good, I think I over-indulged a little on the waffles too so will definately need to get back on the diet wagon now I'm home.

Amsterdam has loads of great little flea markets I love to visit as many as I can when I go and pick up a few bits, the farmers market has amazing Olive Bread which I can't get enough of and loads of cheese.
Some of the markets have antiques and clothes as well as quirky pieces of jewelery, I picked up this really pretty old fashioned style, pocketwatch necklace for 5 euro which is really cheap.
You can find out about markets in Amsterdam here.

We also visited Boom Chicago which is supposedly Amsterdam's number one comedy club, where we attended the "Branded for Life" show.
We had really high hopes about the show as had heard the Boom Chicago shows were great, however it was a huge dissapointment, like a really bad version of Who's Line is it Anyway? It was supposed to be improv but it all seemed really scripted and a bit too many umm's and aah's when it came to actually thinking up something funny when the time came.
After about ten minutes we were plotting our escape, but we managed to hang on until the interval when, after a pretty insensitive musical number about the Greece debt crisis, we had enough and left.
I can't comment on other shows they have done but I don't think I'll be attending another, I'd say give it a miss if you visit.

I'm a little sad now that I'm back home and back to the reality of washing clothes and getting things ready for work, thankfully I'm not back until Monday so a few more days left to relax.
I also picked up a few cosmetic bits and pieces which I will share shortly.

If you haven't been to Amsterdam yet I'd definately reccomend having a visit, especially now that Easyjet have started flying from Glasgow International its only an hour away.

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